Dance Movement Therapy: Theory, Research and Practice 2006 г Мягкая обложка, 262 стр ISBN 1583917039 инфо 4741a.

What can dance movement contribute to psychotherapy? This thoroughly updated edition of Dance Movement Therapy echoes the increased world-wide interest in dance movement therapy and makes a strong contributiаьаъйon to the emerging awareness of the nature of embodiment in psychotherapy Recent research is incorporated, along with developments in theory and practice, to provide a comprehensive overview of this fast-growing field Helen Payne brings together contributions from exбктмъperts in the field to offer the reader a valuable insight into the theory and practice of Dance Movement Therapy The contributions reflect the breadth of developing approaches, covering subjects including: A· Dance movement therapy with people with dementia A· Group work with people with enduring mental health difficulties A· Transcultural competence in dance movement therapy A· Freudian thought applied to authentic movement A· Embodiment in dance movement therapy training and practiбрююяce A· Personal development through dance movement therapy Dance Movement Therapy will be a valuable resource for anyone who wishes to learn more about the therapeutic use of creative movement and dance It will be welcomed by students and practitioners in the arts therapies, psychotherapy, counseling and other health and social care professions.