Textile, Volume 2, Issue 1 : The Journal of Cloth and Culture (Textile) 2004 г 128 стр ISBN 1859737544 инфо 4739a.

Book Description Cloth accesses an astonishingly broad range of human experiences The raw material from which things are made, it has multiple associations: sensual, somatic, decorative, functional, and ritаьаъеual Yet although textiles are part of our everyday lives, their very familiarity and accessibility belie a complex set of histories and meanings This is the first journal to look at the cultural meanings of textiles, with articles drawn from a wide range of disciplinбктмпes Heavily illustrated in full color, and featuring book and exhibition reviews, it brings together research in an innovative and distinctive forum, and will be essential reading for all those interested in textiles, material culture, and design.

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